First Honorary International Chapter of the Missouri Center for the Book: Urquhart, Scotland.

Hosts and Friends of the Missouri For The Book, Jake and Yvonne Thackeray, were keen to suggest the tiny village of Urquhart become the first honorary international chapter of the MCB.  Headquarters: Main Street.  Phone Box operational, but no Voice Mail.  The MCB Board has enthusiastically embraced this sister chapter.  May it be the first of many handshakes from Missouri book people to friends around the world.  Sandy, The Wandering Bookman stands at the ready.


Save The Date! "The Art of the Book": November 14, 2013. MSU, Springfield.

John Hoover, Executive Director of the St. Louis Mercantile Library, sharing his life long passion for the Book Arts.


"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness." Mark Twain

Sandy, "The Wandering Bookman," raises a volume to Mr. Clemens of Missouri.  "Salute!"  (Near Kansas City, November 1, 2013.)


Nimble and ready to travel, Sandy will shortly be Highland bound, in search of adventure and tales for the MCB.   "Books for All!  Missouri, Scotland and Beyond!"  Be on the lookout.....

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So.  How did you grow up to be President, Mr. Obama?  The answer, of course, is in a book!

(Note: Photo not taken at UCM.  Mr. Obama's visit to the UCM campus was in July, 2013.)


(David Harrison, (left), and Dan Burr, (right), author and illustrator of, PIRATES, the Missouri book selection for the National Book Festival, 2013.  Reception celebrating an extraordinary colaboration between writer and artist, hosted by MCB chapter, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, October 13, 2013.)



MCB Establishes Literary Prize Honoring Ardis Glenn of Kansas City

(*Resolution of Ardis Glenn Prizes)



The Missouri Center for the Book is proud to announce new sponsorship.  Chartered by the National Center for the Book at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., we have chosen to expand our outreach into all regions of the state through affiliate regional chapters.  The eventual goal of establishing chapters in all areas of the state is off to a marvelous beginning!  These sponsors share the common goals of the MCB, along with priorities and programs unique to the needs of their regions.

The Mercantile Library First Regional Chapter in New MCB

In the spirit of leadership and goodwill that has marked its history, The Mercantile Library became the first institutional sponsor for the newly organized MCB, thus forming the cornerstone for future regional chapters.  The Mercantile, in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts will repeat 2012's popular exhibit Celebrating the Art of the Book under the auspices of the MCB.

Missouri Center for the Book Opens Ozarks Chapter

SPRINGFIELD — The Library of Congress has approved an initiative of the Missouri Center for the Book (MCB) to designate Missouri State University as the Ozarks Chapter of the MCB, with the Duane G. Meyer Library as its home base. Tom Peters, dean of library services at Missouri State, is serving as director of the Ozarks chapter.

University of Central Missouri Joins Alliance Of Regional Chapters

UCM, located in Warrensburg, was founded in 1871 as State Normal School, District #2 and became known as Warrensburg Teachers College.  The name was changed to Central Missouri State Teachers College in 1919, Central Missouri State College in 1946, and Central Missouri State College in 1971.  On September 20, 2006, the name was changed again, to University of Central Missouri.  It is difficult to speak of Missouri colleges without someone in the conversation either having graduated from there themselves or having family members who did so.


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